The Flourish Movement

The Flourish Movement

Helping school principals flourish not just cope.

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Who will benefit


Program Overview

The Flourish Movement specialises in improving the wellbeing and effectiveness of school leaders and their staff. It is a movement that was started by educators, co-designed with educators and driven by our passion to support an amazing group of people who do a vitally important job.

Phases of the Program

Phase 1 - Research

The Flourish Movement partners with Deakin Business School to understand the world of principals. This phase includes a survey, a diary study and a one-on-one interview with a researcher from Deakin University.

Phase 2 - Intervention

Education - Completed through 4 full day workshops. One per term. The Flourish Movement offers two options for the workshops; virtually (performed on zoom) or, if logistics permit, getting together as a group at an offsite location.

Behaviour change strategies - These are a series of initiatives that will facilitate behaviour change in the school leaders and make it easier for them to implement the information presented in the sessions.

Collegial support - a large part of this program is the school leaders learning from each other and supporting each other’s development.

Phase 3 - Re-testing phase

The Flourish Movement measures the impact of the project.

Program cost

$2,950 plus GST per participant

For information about how the NSWPPA can assist you please contact:

Margaret Charlton
NSWPPA Professional Learning Officer