General Information

Our goal at the New South Wales Primary Principals' Association is to empower school leaders by delivering high-quality professional learning opportunities. We are committed to supporting and equipping principals to effectively lead and manage school communities in diverse contexts, including rural, remote, and metropolitan areas. Our programs are designed to address the unique challenges that school leaders face and are tailored to the specific needs of different school contexts.

Our professional learning programs are authentic, evidence-informed, and designed to have a high impact for the learner. We have established a reputation for providing world-class professional learning opportunities that promote the development of leadership capacity among school leaders and their teams. Through our Professional Learning website, all members of the Association can easily access and book these programs through our Live Bookings Calendar. We strive to deliver programs that are relevant, engaging, and meaningful, supporting school leaders in their continuous growth and development as effective educational leaders.


Drew Janetzki

Drew Janetzki
Professional Learning Officer